At Home with Kerri-Lee

Discovering Connecticut, one Episode at a Time

“Hey there, it’s Kerri-Lee! I’m inviting you all to join me on ‘At-Home with Kerri-Lee’. We’re going to be exploring every charming corner of Connecticut, revealing hidden gems, and delving into our state’s rich history and vibrant culture, all from the comfort of your home. There’s so much to discover and celebrate right here in our own backyard, so don’t miss out. Let’s embark on this Connecticut adventure together!”

Kerri-Lee Mayland

Media Personality & TV Show Host

Discover Connecticut with Kerri-Lee

Explore the state’s hidden gems and beloved landmarks from the comfort of your living room with our warm and engaging host, Kerri-Lee Mayland.


Local Discovery

“At-Home with Kerri-Lee” takes you on a journey through Connecticut, bringing hidden gems, captivating landmarks, and unexpected corners of the state to your living room. The show is about celebrating the best of local life and providing insights that even longtime residents may not know about.


Hosted by Kerri-Lee

Renowned for her engaging style and warm personality, Kerri-Lee Mayland leads you on these adventures, sharing her love for Connecticut and her passion for exploring all it has to offer. Each episode, Kerri-Lee makes Connecticut feel like your own neighborhood, no matter where you’re tuning in from.



While the show is a virtual experience, interaction is encouraged! Viewers are invited to submit their favorite local spots, share their stories and experiences, or suggest topics for future episodes. “At-Home with Kerri-Lee” is as much about the community as it is about the host.


Education & Entertainment

Not just about exploration, “At-Home with Kerri-Lee” aims to entertain and educate. Each episode is packed with interesting facts, historical insights, local lore, and unique stories that bring the state’s rich history to life in an engaging way.


For Everyone

The show is not just for a certain audience. It’s for anyone interested in learning about different places, cultures, and histories. Whether you’re planning a visit, a new resident, or just curious, “At-Home with Kerri-Lee” has something to offer you.


Supporting Local

“At-Home with Kerri-Lee” is a platform for promoting local businesses, artists, and initiatives, helping to support and grow the Connecticut community. The show places a spotlight on what makes Connecticut unique, from its local food scene and artisan crafts to community-led initiatives and projects.

Grow with us

Align your brand with a program that’s committed to community, exploration, and celebration of local culture. Our viewers are passionate about supporting local business and discovering new experiences.