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tv show advertising

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We recognize the power and reach of television as an advertising platform. Beyond the written word and the static image, television advertising offers the chance to tell stories in a dynamic, engaging format that truly connects with the audience. We offer a range of advertising opportunities, allowing for flexibility in how your brand is presented. Whether you’re aiming to reach the vibrant LGBTQ+ community of Connecticut or the broad audience interested in lifestyle and home trends, our television shows provide a valuable medium to increase brand visibility and recognition. Through engaging stories and dedicated audiences, your brand can form meaningful connections and make a lasting impression.

"Voice Out Loud" is a unique platform, embracing the diverse voices of the LGBTQ+ community in Connecticut. The show is more than a program; it's a celebration of diversity, a champion for equality, and a beacon for inclusivity. Every episode unfolds vibrant narratives and experiences from the community, encouraging conversations that matter. "At Home with Kerri-Lee" is a warm, engaging show focusing on home, lifestyle trends and full of fascinating features from inside our beloved state. Advertising within our TV shows provides an opportunity to seamlessly blend your brand into viewers' everyday lives, fostering a connection that feels organic and genuine."
james tully
CEO & Founder of Seasons Media
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tv show advertising

Engaged Audiences

Our television shows, “Voice Out Loud” and “At Home with Kerri-Lee”, stand out for their captivating narratives, compelling content, and deep-rooted connection to their audiences. Every episode serves as a magnet, drawing viewers in and holding their attention throughout, resulting in a highly engaged and devoted viewership.

With this attentive audience, your advertisements are placed into an environment primed for message reception. Instead of attempting to break through the noise of the outside world, your brand can speak directly to a focused, engaged audience. They aren’t just passively viewing your ads; they’re actively consuming the content and, by extension, your brand message.

This scenario significantly heightens the chances of your brand message not just being seen, but truly absorbed and remembered. It transforms your advertising from being a one-way communication into a dialogue, enriching the relationship between your brand and potential customers. Therefore, by advertising within our shows, you’re not just reaching an audience, you’re engaging with a community, enhancing the potency and impact of your brand message.

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tv show advertising

Brand Alignment

Partnering with “Voice Out Loud” and “At Home with Kerri-Lee” present an exceptional opportunity to mirror your brand values with those embraced by these unique communities. Advertising on “Voice Out Loud” means demonstrating support for diversity, equality, and inclusivity, which resonates deeply with progressive audiences, enhancing your brand’s contemporary appeal. Simultaneously, “At Home with Kerri-Lee” fosters a space of authenticity, comfort, and connection – if these reflect your brand ethos, then aligning your business with this show can create an association of genuine warmth and care. This alignment not only enables you to resonate on a deeper emotional level with the viewers but also showcases your brand as one that understands and respects diverse perspectives. This can effectively elevate your brand image, helping you to be perceived as more than just a business, but as an entity that is aware, empathetic, and attuned to the multifaceted interests and values of our consumers.

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High Impact

The power of television as a medium is undeniably compelling, offering a multi-sensory platform that takes audience engagement to a whole new level. With stunning visuals, captivating sound, and compelling storytelling, TV advertising wraps your brand message in a deeply immersive experience. This means your audience doesn’t just see your advertisement; they feel it. This immersion makes your brand message resonate more profoundly and makes it more memorable, embedding it in the viewer’s mind.

In addition, when you choose to advertise during our TV shows, “Voice Out Loud” and “At Home with Kerri-Lee”, you benefit from their established popularity and credibility. These shows have cultivated a loyal audience, and their endorsement in the form of your advertisements lends a significant amount of trust and validity to your brand. This isn’t just about reaching an audience; it’s about integrating your brand into the viewing experiences of these dedicated audiences, forging deeper connections, and creating lasting impact. Your brand becomes a part of their favorite TV show experience, transforming mere impressions into meaningful engagements.

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