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Established in April 2006, Seasons Magazines has become a tour de force in Connecticut’s media landscape. With an unwavering commitment to community engagement, we create, produce, and deliver beautifully curated, high-quality quarterly magazines to over 40,000 households in key areas of Connecticut.

Seasons Magazines takes pride in the extraordinary quality of our publications. Each issue is meticulously crafted to include polished editorial content of community interest and stunning photography that captures the unique character of each area we cover. We have established a robust presence that captures the spirit and vibrancy of our state.

Our Mission Statement

Crafting beautifully curated quarterly magazines that capture the unique spirit of Connecticut’s communities.


Quality Storytelling

We are dedicated to delivering finely crafted editorial content that creates a deep impact. We believe in the power of stories – narratives that draw from community interests, that are relatable, compelling, and genuinely resonate with our readers. Our team of seasoned writers and editors work diligently to capture these narratives, translating community spirit into powerful prose.


Hyper-Local Focus

Seasons Magazines prides itself on celebrating the rich tapestry that makes up Connecticut, focusing on the distinctive character of its diverse communities. We believe in the power of the hyper-local lens, allowing us to delve into the heart of each area, uncovering stories that often go unheard in broader narratives. We spotlight local heroes, community events, unique traditions, and neighborhood gems.


Stunning Visuals

We recognize the power of visuals in storytelling. Our commitment to creating stunning imagery is as strong as our commitment to narrative excellence. We engage exceptional photographers who bring their creative vision to capture the authentic essence of each community we cover. From vibrant local events to quiet neighborhood corners, our visuals bring to life the unique spirit and charm of Connecticut.


Wide Reach

Seasons Magazines has successfully established a prominent footprint in Connecticut’s media landscape. This wide-reaching influence is a testament to our compelling content, attractive design, and focused distribution strategy. Our hyper-local approach has resonated powerfully with communities across the state, allowing us to connect with a diverse range of readers who look forward to every issue.


Community Engagement

At the heart is our aspiration to foster profound connections within the communities we serve. We understand that our platform has the power to amplify local voices, share diverse perspectives, and create a shared sense of identity and purpose. By weaving local narratives, highlighting community successes, and discussing matters of local interest, we turn our spotlight towards those voices that truly define each community.


Business Connection

We take pride in our unique role as a facilitator of meaningful connections between local businesses and the communities they serve. We understand the symbiotic relationship between local businesses and the communities that support them, and we aim to nurture this through our platform. We provide businesses with an avenue to showcase their offerings, share their stories, and engage in a dialogue with our broad reader base.

Seasons Magazines Platforms

We go beyond the ordinary, offering a multi-dimensional media experience that unites our community and celebrates the vibrant tapestry of Connecticut. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging, inspire connection, and keep our readers connected, informed, and inspired.

"Seasons" Magazine

Published quarterly

Meticulously crafted content four times a year, immersing readers in captivating features, insightful editorials, and striking visuals that celebrate the sophistication of communities.

"At Home with Kerri-Lee" TV Show

Airs quarterly on state television

At Home with Kerri-Lee’ is an unmissable TV show that offers viewers an intimate glimpse into the captivating world of our engaging host, Kerri-Lee. Prepare to be inspired and entertained.

"Conversations with Dennis House" Podcast"

Airs regularly

Our podcast serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and our commitment to a hyper-local focus. Each episode is thoughtfully curated to resonate with our listeners.

Providing exceptional content to local audiences

Join us on this captivating journey as we share the stories that matter to local audiences and celebrate the beauty of our beloved state.